Into The Woods

Welcome to week 41 of the 52-week pet project. The theme title for this week is 'Into the Woods.'

As much as I would love to spend lots of time in the woods, or just in nature and away from the city, that's just not my reality at the moment. However, the timing for this theme worked out well for me since I was just in beautiful Duck Creek, Utah.

Duck Creek is an awesome getaway from Vegas. Not only is it beautiful, peaceful, quiet with lots of hikes and streams, it's seriously deserted. Perfect for the introverted crazy dog person. Plus, it's only around 3 hours from Vegas.

I have tons of photos to edit from my couple days there - dogs, deer, chipmunks and a bird or two. Below are what I have done so far.

To follow the blog circle check out Angela Schneider, the Spokane Dog Photographer, unabashedly celebrates the love you have for your dog.

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