Welcome to Week 34 of the Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project. This week the theme is metal.

The first and really only place that came to mind with this theme was Symphony Park with its colorful column art structure and the extraordinary Cleveland Clinic, which happens to be the coolest building ever.

I honestly never even knew Symphony Park was a park. I thought The Smith Center and Symphony Park were the same and I assumed where the grass was there was just street or concrete. So I was pleasantly surprised to arrive and discover the lush green grass right where I wanted to shoot, in front of the colorful piece of art. Another plus was the security had no issue with dogs in the park. We did keep leashes on for safety reasons.

To be honest, I don't know if that artwork is actually metal, but it does look like it is, so I'm going with it.

Mr. Big, the most handsome Chinese Crested you'll ever lay eyes on, was a perfect model. Here's the first shot of him being his handsome perfect self.

Unfortunately, it was my first time at this location to shoot and the sun was pretty much gone when we arrived. Next time, I'll be there much earlier. The portrait below was in front of more artwork that looked like metal.

The portrait below was just before we left as the lights were coming on. I love the cobblestone! Actually, I love everything about this park!

Finally - the cool building! Sadly, I ran out of post-processing time and only have one image to share of the cool building. But there are plenty of photos on the internet, they just won't have Mr. Big in front of them. I may have gone a little crazy with the editing on this, but the lack of sun sort of made the image blah.

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