Purina Farms

Since I was just a Purina Farms last weekend shooting a flyball tournament, I seriously couldn't be happier with the theme for this week (43 of the 52-week pet photography project, which is...

Photographer's Choice:

This was my first time shooting an event, and as a former flyball junky I was pretty excited. Not just to shoot a flyball tournament, but a huge tournament, with insanely close racing and at my favorite venue - Purina Farms. This place is nothing short of AMAZING!

The inside is huge, well lit, colorful and even has a little cafe. The outside is beautiful rolling hills, a white picket fence (that I never made it to) and on-site RV camping. Pretty much all that is good!

My favorite dog to photograph racing was this adorable fuzziness:

Since I love doing portraits, I scheduled some portrait sessions while I was there and I lucked out with the most fun dogs.

This guy had more personality than ten big dogs.

This Border Collie was perfect. But then I may think that about all Border Collies.

And how perfect is a Mal on a cold morning with steamy condensation coming out of its mouth?

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