Session Options


This is the most common session.  we meet at a location of your choosing, based on my location guide and the session takes about 90 minutes with about 40 images to choose from.



This is a special session for a pet that is ready to cross the rainbow bridge due to advanced age or illness.   Rainbow Sessions have priority booking and I will do my best to fit your pet in within 72 hours.



Las Vegas doesn't have the most amazing scenery, so why not hit the road for your session?  Do you have a favorite dog-friendly vacation spot that you love?  We'll meet for two sessions to make the most of whatever amazing place you choose.



Occasionally I will offer

15-minute sessions for special events or small group.  Please contact me if you would like more information on how a mini session works.


How to Book a Session


Schedule a telephone consult


After we chat, I'll send you information on locations, products, pricing, how to prepare and what to expect


If you think I'm a good fit for you and your pet, then you can book your session


That's it!

You're all set! I'll start planning your session based on  what you told me about you, your pet and what you would like from the session

How to Prepare for your session


To prepare for a portrait session, I recommend exercising your dog a few hours prior to our session.  Some playtime, training or just a casual thirty-minute walk, allowing your dog to sniff and decompress is a great way to prepare your dog for the session.  However, if we are doing action shots of your dog working or playing, please do NOT exercise your dog prior to our session.  We want to save that energy, allowing your dog to be ready for whatever activity we have planned.

Please bring some stinky treats and your dog's favorite toy to the session.  We will need them to get those perfect expressions.


My preference is to photograph your pet without a collar. However, safety is a priority and if your dog is not safe to be off-leash, we will need a collar and leash.  So, if you have a favorite collar, bring it.  The leash will be edited out of the final image unless it is necessary for a particular photo to make sense. Harnesses will not be edited out of images and they can be bulky and pull attention away from your gorgeous dog.  So please no harness.

Your dog should be clean for the session.  It isn't necessary to bathe your dog the day of, but at least within a few days.  For dogs that have long hair around the eyes, you'll definitely want to have that cleaned up prior to the session.  We want to see those beautiful eyes and ensure nice eye contact in your final images.


Dogs will be dogs, so no need to expect any dog to be perfectly still for pictures.  they can move around and have fun. We will get the shots.  But, if you are an overachiever, you can practice teaching your dog to jump up on big rocks then giving him or her or her lots of treats, you can practice stays, or even fun tricks, like beg or head down. Whatever works for you.

What to expect during your session


We will meet at a predetermined location, usually later in the afternoon when the sun is low and golden in color.  Depending on the dog, I usually start off with some action shots or on-leash walking while your dog is fresh.  We don't want to overdo the exercise and have a giant tongue hanging out the rest of the session though.  Just enough to burn off steam or settle in, depending on your dog's personality. Then we will just walk around from spot to spot searching for the best light. It will be informal and relaxing and your dog will get lots of treats and think it's the best day ever!

Our session will last as long as needed to get a nice variety of images showcasing your pet's personality. Generally, a session lasts about 90 minutes, but please allow for 2 hours to avoid being rushed. 

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